In a time when we can buy almost anything that we want, many are finding that our food choices are actually becoming more and more limited. High streets are now filled with supermarkets and food chains, and while at times the level of choice seems almost overwhelming, it can also seem difficult to know where to buy fresh produce which ticks all the boxes (local, seasonal, organic, fair etc.).

The what's in season page of this section can help inform our local seasonal food purchasing. Additionally we are lucky in Greater Manchester in that we have a range of outlets that can help bring sustainable food to our plates.

We are fortunate to have various veg box schemes that deliver to your doorstep as well as a number of independent shops both offering access to good quality produce. A bit further afield, there are farm shops if you fancy seeing where and how our food is being produced. The shops and box schemes page of this section will help you find these retailers, or you may prefer a leisurely browse around some of the local farmers' markets

Food co-ops are a good way to get together with other people near you who want to buy food that is for example locally produced, find out if there's one near you, or how to set one up with your friends and neighbours. If you are a retailer or caterer yourself, and are looking to source sustainable produce in bulk, see the direct buying page.

Keep an eye on the calendar for details of farmers markets and other food related events.