Feeding Manchester Conference


June 2009 saw the first in a series of FeedingManchester events, looking at practical and strategic ways to increase access to sustainable food in Greater Manchester. The events involving local food practitioners (growers, buyers etc.) and individuals interested in getting involved in the progression of more sustainable food sources, are focused on partnership working and practical solutions, and aim to:

1) Bring together the growing number of enterprises & groups in Greater Manchester who are working on, providing and/or interested in sustainable food issues.

2) Identify obstacles to people sourcing/providing sustainable food, and solutions to those obstacles.

3) Develop a strategic way to increase the sourcing, provision of, and access to sustainable food locally.

4) Define some practical ways to work towards this strategy, and steps to move forward.

In the three years since the first gathering in 2009, there have been ten events, all maintaining commitment to these key aims. Practical workshops, discussion groups and presentations have all contributed to a sustained feeling of progression and growth. Many new faces have appeared at the gatherings as they have evolved and word has spread that, if you want to be part of something that seeks to provide an alternative to the limited choice, poor health and potential environmental costs associated with the modern food industry, then FeedingManchester is a place to meet like-minded people. Everyone is welcome.

Requests are invited from individuals and groups who would like to speak to a gathering (always in excess of thirty people) of committed and enthusiastic members of Greater Manchester's food sector, present research findings or acheivements that others can learn from or to suggest themes for workshops and discussion groups that might contribute to solving issues they feel are important. Similarly, groups who would like to host a future gathering in their area of Greater Manchester are welcome to get in touch with their suggestions.

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