So now that you've bought or grown all this lovely food, what are you going to do with it?

Recipes: Some pretty weird veg can arrive in the weekly veg box or appear at the market, which can be a bit off putting when it comes to knowing what to do with it. But don't worry - help is at hand! There are loads of websites that have information about unusual veg, as well as new ideas for what to do with your common or garden  winter veg.  To the right are some of our favourite recipe websites and recipes - if you want to add your own please log in.

Cooking Classes: If you feel your cookery skills need improving, or you just want some fresh ideas, then why not sign up for one of the many cookery courses taking place across the City. One group who offers a range of courses is Cracking Good Food, or check out the calendar for other scheduled courses.

Food Waste: A third of the food we purchase gets throw away as waste - costing the average family £420 a year, so keeping our food waste to a minimum and avoiding packaging as much as possible is a key part of improving the sustainabilty of our food system. Have a look at the Love Food Hate Waste website for more information and ideas for ways to reduce waste.