Feeding Manchester #1

June 2009 saw the first of the FeedingManchester events, looking at practical and strategic ways to increase access to sustainable food in Greater Manchester. The day brought together thirty local sustainable food practitioners, ranging from commercial growers to restaurant owners, grocers and community growing projects.

The event involved:

  • Summaries of research carried out by Kindling over the last 12 months, regarding Manchester's unsustainable food system, and the obstacles that those working in the sustainable food sector face.
  • 'National inspiration – best practice from around the country', introducing two speakers from very different projects, Alan Schofield from Growing with Nature gave a dynamic presentation about the challenges and solutions for organic growers in the Northwest, and Simon McCabe from the Food Chain North East highlighted some key issues and practical ideas around supplying fresh local food in an urban area.
  • Practical workshops in the afternoon, looking at how we as a sustainable food sector or movement might begin to address some of the obstacles we have identified, and coming up with a plan of how we could begin to move forward on these issues before the next meeting.

The feedback since the event has been very positive, with a real feeling of excitement for moving forward (some people have done their tasks already!), and an almost tangible sense of relief that a meeting of such like minded projects and people has started.

To catch up with what happened at FeedingManchester #1 access the documents below: