FeedingManchester #15

Fifty people came to FeedingManchester #15 & the launch of Gtr Manchester's very first Sustainable Food Strategy.

The Strategy is an ambitious document written with the support of over a hundred groups, small businesses and partners from the public sector at three previous FeedingManchester events and is intended to:

  • Inform & inspire. - we have taken great examples from across Greater Manchester.

  • Encourage us all to look at sustainable food in its entirety – from Fairtrade to animal welfare, from food poverty to health.

  • Give confidence to a growing sustainable food sector that our individual endeavours are part of something bigger.

  • Support groups to grow and work in partnership. We hope groups & businesses will adopt an action from the Strategy, go to a funder or the bank & say we would like resources to do this.

  • Embolden individuals who sit on various working groups and committees discussing food to represent the sector as a whole and advocate sustainable food in its entirety.

  • Motivate our political representatives to take the sustainable food sector more seriously.

To download the strategy please click here.