Feeding Manchester #5


We held the 5th FeedingManchester on Wednesday 20th October at MERCi's Bridge-5 Mill, with twenty five groups from across Greater Manchester meeting up for this uniquely regular opportunity to network, share and plan a sustainable food system for the city.

The agenda covered many issues throughout the day and included:

1. Updating each other with our news and progress since the last FeedingManchester in June (2010).

2. Discussion of the new website for Greater Manchester's sustainable food movement. The site will include Directory of businesses and community groups, a web forum and a wealth of information about sustainable food. It will belong to everyone who's part of FeedingManchester and will be editable by all.

3. Exploring the idea of a co-ordinated programme of sustainable food events and possibly a large annual sustainable food festival.

4. Providing an update and discussion about Manchester’s Sustainable Food Steering Group and a 'Terms of Reference' for the FeedingManchester representative.

5. Discussing and planning for Manchester City Council's Climate Change Action Plan conference on  30th November.

Highlights from the day included:

  • The establishment of a new media and marketing team, that will get together to push sustainable food in the press. Included was a very exciting 'flashmob' idea that we think will be great fun.
  • The creation of a calendar of food related events in 2011 to help us plan a presence for sustainable food.
  • Various groups coming together to organise events around next year's Manchester Food and Drink Festival. A proposal has been draw up by Cracking Good Food for an 'Cook-off', which will see different groups and areas fight it out to produce the tastiest and most sustainable feasts!

To catch up on the day's events see the documents provided below: 


FeedingManchester #5 Invite

Session Two - Website Criteria

Sustainable Food Website Proposal

Feeding Manchester #5 Minutes