Feeding Manchester #9

FeedingManchester #9 focused on growing and developing FeedingManchester by engaging with and recieving feedback from individuals and groups located around Greater Manchester as part of the sustainable food movement.

The agenda was structured around four sessions:

  • Introducing the two new FeedingManchester co-ordinators: Rob Allen and Beth Creedon
  • Discussing and collaboratively planning our campaign for supporting Greater Manchester's sustainable food movement
  • Hearing an inspiring case study of how small organic food enterprises in Manchester have strengthened their resilience through working collectively, featuring a passionate talk by Alan Creedon on his successful FeedingManchester inspired collaboration - Manchester Veg People.
  • An update from Manchester City Coucil about the Sustainable Food Steering Group's 2012 Action plan.

All of the above came along with the usual mix of socialising and networking.

Attendees ranged from Manchester City Council, The Kitchen in Bolton and businesses from within Greater Manchester such as Unicorn Grocery & Cracking Good Food, with almost 30 groups attending in total.

The conference began by introducing the two new FeedingManchester co-ordinators Beth Creedon and Rob Allen. A series of talks and group discussions followed, highlights of which include:

Three group discussions revolving around; 'What types of events should we be collaboratively attending to promote sustainable food?', 'What do you want from the FeedingManchester meetings? and the creation of an individual placard describing 'What FeedingManchester means to you'.

The conference wrapped-up just after 7pm with many of the attendees carrying on discussions in the pub.

Click here to download the minutes for FeedingManchester #9