There's nothing quite like harvesting and eating produce that you have grown yourself, but it isn't always easy to know where to start.

A number of organisations in Greater Manchester run introduction to growing courses (keep an eye on the calendar), and there is a wealth of information in books and on websites if you would prefer to just give it a go yourself.

Where to grow is sometimes an issue for people who don't have gardens. There are various allotment sites across Greater Manchester, and while there are often waiting lists for a place it is definitely worth checking out what's out there. There are also various community gardens around Greater Manchester who are always happy to have more help.

If you are already involved in a community garden you may be interested to find out what support there is out there for community food growing projects. Similarly if you are involved in a school garden project, or would like to start one up, there are an amazing number of examples out there for inspiration, and various organisations who may be able to help you.

If you don't want to take on an allotment and don't have a garden, then think about growing courgettes in pots, strawberries in hanging baskets or herbs and chillies on your windowsill - use the map to the right to find gardening suppliers around Greater Manchester, and look at the Growing at Home page for some inspiration.

If you want to grow organically, then you will want to plant organic seeds too. Or you may want to try and grow some heritage varieties or ones you cannot buy in the shops. Don't forget to let some of your crop go to seed so that you can save some seeds to plant next year. You can get info on seed saving here.