Orchard volunteer

Paid / Voluntary: 

Orchard 49, a community orchard at Seymour Grove Allotments (in the Old Trafford/Firswood area) is looking for volunteers to get involved in developing this new orchard. 

We hold regular work sessions where the jobs include:

  • light weeding around the trees
  • hoeing to keep the weeds down in the areas planted with trees
  • digging over ground in preparation for planting (Sept-March)
  • construction - if you're a dab hand at building things like compost bins we'd like to hear from you
  • If you're handy with design or like to help with publicity then there is plenty to do inside too.

If you're interested in getting involved, please email orchard49@otags.org.uk

You can find out more about the orchard at: http://otagsorchard.blogspot.com/