Shops & Box Schemes


Organic, Fairtrade and even local produce is now becoming more and more widely available, including at the supermarkets. Where to shop is a personal choice, and is limited practically to what each household can access, but we think a truly sustainable food system (as defined by the Feeding Manchester Network) should be made up of locally owned enterprises that have real social and environmental goals. The shops listed on this site are businesses that we think are making a contribution to their local economies and communities.


Box Schemes

A (vegetable) box scheme is a delivery of fresh vegetables, usually locally grown (when possible) and often organic, either brought directly to the customer or to a local collection point.

A vegetable box scheme is usually operated by the grower, a co-operative, or a small local enterprise to add value and support the local food economy. There are approximately 600 such schemes operating in the UK, and by early 2007, according to the Soil Association, retail sales via such schemes were in excess of £100 million per year.