Sustainable Food

Living in an urban area like Greater Manchester it is very easy to forget that the food we eat has a huge impact not only on our health, but also on local communities and businesses, individual farmers and the environment.

Sustainable food takes into account environmental, health, social & economic concerns. Our definition (see box on right) consists of eight inter-related principles. Although few of us can claim to adhere to all of the principles all of the time, this definition is an underlying aspiration to drive change within the organisations listed On this website and the wider food system.

Join Manchester's blossoming sustainable food movement by buying, growing, selling and promoting food that:

  1. Is local & seasonal.
  2. Comes from organic & sustainable farms.
  3. Minimises foods of animal origin & maximising welfare standards.
  4. Excludes fish species identified as at risk.
  5. Is Fair-trade-certified.
  6. Has reduced waste and packaging.
  7. Promotes health and well being.
  8. Increases 'food' democracy.

With over 400 sustainable food initiatives from across Greater Manchester it is becoming easier to support a greener, healthier and fairer future for our city, our rural neighbours and communities across the Globe.